Adoption family law

Adoption can be an intensely personal and life-changing event. Adoption also is a highly specialized area of law where knowledge, experience, and sensitivity matter. It is important to work with an attorney with whom you feel comfortable and in whom you have trust and confidence. We are committed to providing skilled, creative, and attentive legal counsel and services for adoptions. We understand the available legal alternatives and we help adopting parents and birth parents explore and determine which of the available options may best fit their needs and circumstances. We provide our clients experienced, caring and confidential guidance throughout each step of the adoption process.

Selected Provisions of KRS Chapter 199.00

.470 Petition for adoption of child — Parties — Residence requirement — Approval of secretary — Exceptions.
.473 Placement of children by private person — Home study required — Temporary custody — Background check — Removal.
.480 Parties defendant in an adoption proceeding — Process — Guardian ad litem.
.490 Contents of adoption petition — Accompanying papers.
.492 Attorney not to represent both biological and adoptive parents — Penalty.
.493 Prohibition against payment of attorney’s fees of biological parent without court approval — Penalty.
.500 Consent to adoption.
.502 Conditions necessary for adoption without consent of child’s biological living parents.
.510 Investigation and report.
.515 Hearing — Notice.
.520 Judgment — Prerequisites — Orders — Name and legal status of child — Health history and other nonidentifying information of biological parents and relatives to be given to adoptive parents.

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