We provide real estate closing and title services to national banks, mortgage companies, loan officers, lenders, brokers and consumers with real estate interests located within the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We offer services to lenders, borrowers who are refinancing, buyers, and sellers.

We recognize that completing title searches, resolving complex title issues and getting the loan closed quickly are the primary concerns of our clients. In addition, our staff is fully trained in all aspects of title examinations, which is critical to ensuring that a loan will close. We have vast experience handling title examinations for residential and commercial real estate through out the Commonealth of Kentucky.  A clear title is necessary to protecting the legal and financial interests of mortgage lenders, banks,  and home buyers. The conveyance of residential real estate can be significantly impacted by several factors if there is not a clean title. We understand the business and legal implications of ensuring that real estate is freely transferable.

Closing the loan is often contingent on the ability of a title company to properly handle title examinations and effectively resolve title problems. We have successfully handled thousands of title examinations in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We have the legal knowledge and proficiency to recognize and proactively resolve complex title issues. We also handle refinances and deed preparation.